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Full Height Partition

Harvest full height partition is effective solution to install a movable meeting space in terms of acoustics, technique, safety and cost –saving. We make the office space with easy to rebuild and maintain. No fussy to make a quick assembly, flexible layout and various panels selection for better matching to your office deco style.


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Easy installation
Sound absorption



Modular structure

Module frame of Harvest partition is highly adjustable for any kinds of office layout to meet customers’ needs. Seamless edge with excellent soundproofing. Easy to assemble with jaw tools and do it by yourself.

The inside of double-glass can be installed automatic aluminum shutters or manual aluminum shutters.
To achieve your dream office by the numerous finishes and skin options with easy assembling frames.

Harvest full height partition can be matched any kinds of planking such as MDF, single-glass, Acrylic sheet, double-glass, plasterboard… on frames.


Comfortable Space

Increase the well-being and performance of your employees. Acoustics for confidential talks and focused working.


Finishes and Skin

  • Felt
  • Cutting Sheet Wallpaper




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